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The download link is dead.


The download link is dead. 2

Axel Rose

make test fails under MacOS X

Ken Kimbrough

I've been trying to install SOAP::LITE for and each time I run it I get an out of memory message. I'm on a VPS with Verio which is running Free BDS 4.7-RELEASE-p28 (VKERN) #42:
Verio support tried loading it serveral times with similar results.

" There's a new CPAN.pm version (v1.86) avaliable!
You might want to try
install Bundle::CPAN
reload cpan
Without quitting the current sesion. It should be a seamless upgrade
while we are running...

Out of memory!
Lockfile removed"

I tried installing the new version of CPAN and got the same out of memory message.


The download link is dead. 3

Helpful Info

How about http://soaplite.com/download.html



I am trying to install SOAP::Lite using cpan and also the manual way. In both cases the installation proceeds until it is writing the makefile and then just stops. When I type the next command: make the message is;
bash: make: command not found. Do you have any ideas?



stefano ricagno

I tried on intel mac but it doesn't seem to work....


In attempting to install (Perl 5.8.4 on Solaris 10), MakeMaker fails because I do not have write permission on the main Perl installation directories. Getting such permission is not a viable option.

How can I force the package to be created in an alternate location?


Don't try to install SOAP::Lite on Perl 5.10 the make test will fail. Reinstall the 5.8 version of perl.

John Nowlin

Trying to install SOAP::Lite via cpan on Windows XP, Perl 5.10, hangs in make test at step:


Any idea when SOAP::Lite will work with Perl 5.10?


I just downloaded it from http://search.cpan.org/~mkutter/SOAP-Lite-0.710.08/lib/OldDocs/SOAP/Lite.pm


why leave a link for download? jeff's link is invalid.

Bryan Surles

How can you get the make to work on a 64bit machine? I found out that nmake will nt work on 64bit. I then tried dmake, but the path configuration seems wrong. It looks for libConfig.pm and not lib\Config.pm. Any ideas?


Got same error. Stopped at this. Any idea why? Thanks.



Download link is dead


[[[ SOLUTION ]]]
use perl Makefile.PL at dos prompt
Then once you get"Writing Makefile for SOAP:Lite"
go to start --> ActivePerl package manager
search for SOAP and then right click install that package.


Download link is dead

Tim Collins

The download link is dead. No one replied to the last one about 2 weeks ago that the link is back up, so I have to assume it has been down continuously. I suppose I'll have to find another way to use SOAP in Perl.

It would be kinder to the Perl community if the site were simply taken down.


The download link has been dead since 2005? This is why no one uses Perl. By no one, I mean relative to other languages, of course.


You can download it at:

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